New Mini Clubman


We were lucky enough to be invited to the new Mini Clubman launch yesterday evening at the Manor by the Lake in Cheltenham. This was a sneak peek preview before its official launch this weekend.

I was so excited to see the new Clubman, and lets just say, it did not disappoint! Such a great car, with lots of new features and gadgets. I particularly like the new projection of Mini onto the floor from the drivers door, just a shame it’s not on the passenger side as well. It also comes with the new feature of unlocking the doors without using the key, great if you have a handful. This leads me onto the boot, still with the classic back doors, but now you can swipe your foot underneath the bumper and the doors pop open without having to touch the boot, or key, great for getting Millie in when I have no free hands.

I think the navigation system also comes as standard, so great for getting around and exploring new adventures.

Funny story, apparently the new red light feature on the aerial was banned in the US as pilots may confuse a row of parked Mini’s as a landing strip. ¬†True story!!!!

We currently have the 2014 version of the Mini Clubman and we rely on it so much, we drive this everywhere for Millie’s adventures, and this is the car we took to France. It’s so great, we even slept in it for two nights while we were away. Hopefully, we might be able to get the new Clubman, but if not, we’re still very happy with the one we have. Brilliant reliable cars, I would definitely recommend to any one thinking of getting a Mini¬†#gowithyourgut









All photos are taken by Jeff Heath, check his Instagram for more great pics.

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