It was Millie’s human daddies birthday today so we had some family round, this included Millie’s friend Pacha who is a playful puppy Coton de Tulear. They love to chase each other around and play fight, and Pacha likes to try and nibble on Millie’s big ears, but really they are best of friends.


Millie loves having people round, but what she enjoyed most was her run up Painswick Beacon in Painswick, Gloucestershire, also known as the Queen of the Cotswolds due to its buildings made of Cotswold stone. We normally park by the quarry just off the B4073 and then you have the option to go left to the top of the Beacon or right to the top of the quarry, both offer beautiful views.

If you go to the top of the Beacon you get a great view of Gloucester and on a clear day you can see the Malvern Hills.


If you go to the right you head up to the top of the quarry and down over the golf course to Hortons at Painswick Golf Club, where dogs are welcome so you can stop for a spot of lunch or a cup of coffee on a cold day. There is also a great outdoor patio to the back with beautiful views, great on a summers day.

Even though there are golfers on this hill, I would definitely still recommend this walk for a dog owner, they tend to be courteous and let you pass first.


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