Lickety Stik


A friend recently brought Millie some treats back from the US and one of them was the Lickety Stik. Lickety Stiks are a lickable dog treat, which can only be described as a deodorant style bottle with a roller ball and a delicious liquid treat inside (hopefully delicious, I’ve not tried them). I’ve heard of these before, but i’m not sure if you can get them in the UK, comment if anyone knows different.

I groom Millie myself, and was hoping these would help to keep her still. I normally use treats and get my fingers nibbled at the same time, so hopefully these will help me keep my fingers for longer.










She was unsure about them at first, so I had to show her what to do (with my finger, not my tongue), but she was fine once she got the hang of it. I haven’t groomed her yet, but she is due a trim, I’ll post an update on how good and affective they are once I groom her.

You can see Millie enjoying her Lickety Stik at YouTube home

Feel free to comment if your dog has tried these and if you thought they were a good buy or if you would recommend anything else especially for grooming.

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