Neigh Bridge Lake


Millie’s a typical spaniel and loves to go swimming, which is good for us because it tires her out.

We’ve got some great lakes not too far away in Cirencester, ¬†its a really beautiful area of the Cotswolds, and there’s several lakes to explore. The main lake is at the Cotswold Country Park and Beach,¬†there’s a man made beach with a lifeguard on certain days which is the only time swimming is permitted. This lake is dog friendly, but they’re only allowed to swim in one area and not allowed on the main beach, but there are plenty of other areas to explore.

The lake we like to take Millie to is Neigh Bridge, we usually see other dogs here enjoying a swim and also lots of fishermen. This weekend Millie got to go there with her bestie Pacha and they both enjoyed a swim, going in and out after the tennis ball.IMG_0148

Afterwards we visited a lovely pub in Somerford Keynes, The Bakers Arms, this is a really nice local country pub, dogs are welcome of course and they have a great outdoor area for the dogs and children.




Obviously, always be careful at these lakes as there are weeds and plants growing in the water, we never throw the ball too far for Millie as you can’t see what’s underneath.

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