Weston Super Mare


Great day at Weston Super Mare!

There’s no better place than a beach for your dog to run around on, unfortunately though at Weston, you can’t always guarantee that there will be any sea to swim in, so if your worried about your dog getting in, then this is the place to come, you rarely see it at Weston Super Mare.

This time of year dogs aren’t allowed on the middle section of the beach, but there’s plenty of room on either side for your poochie to have fun on and once we hit September 30th they’re allowed back on the middle section.

Not sure what other dogs are like, but Millie becomes extremely hyper when she’s at the seaside, she doesn’t stop, she’s mad for her tennis ball anyway, but even worse when she’s at the beach. She’ll run around all day so we always make sure we stop regularly for water breaks.

We also had the pleasure of Millie’s best friend Pacha for company, he likes to chase after her while she’s running for the tennis ball and then tries to get it off her, it’s very funny to watch he looks like a runny cloud.

There’s a great pier to take a stroll along and plenty of bars and fish chip shops with outdoor areas when the sun is shining.

Westons not the best beach in the world, but dogs aren’t fussy and Millie’s just happy to be out and about, so make the most of the warm weather, grab the lead and get your dog to the beach for the last bit of sun!



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